We Have Our Touch-ups Down To A Science

Let's face it, when it comes time for the homeowner(s) to do their final walk through with the builder, the house needs to be complete and the homeowner needs to be able to focus on the excitement of taking ownership of their brand new home, not seeing numerous flaws in the craftsmanship throughout the house.  We pride ourselves in the method in which we do our touch-ups prior to final walk through.  The way we ensure the highest quality product is very simple, our quality control manager walks every square inch ( every square inch ) of the home with a halogen light and two rolls of tape ( blue and green ).  He marks any spot he may see with a green sticky indicating there is a need for repair in that location and he marks any spot he may see with a blue sticky indicating there is a simple paint touch up in need at that particular location. Then our crew comes in and with ease, takes care of any and all blemishes.  We know that when it comes to construction, it's not easy to avoid all dings and dents as well as the occasional hand or finger print ( smudge mark ) when building a home, this is the reason we developed our complete touch up method so that we may ensure the highest quality product!!

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